Has The World Given Up on Men?

You don’t have to be a political activist or social reformer to see how the state of our world is being pulled apart.

No, you just have to be human in order to feel how the polarity of our shared reality is being stretched to the maximum.

One of the big questions that sits with me – and with many of my friends and colleagues – is the question of MANkind itself.  And I’m not talking about women or ‘the feminine’ here, I’m talking exclusively about males and masculine influences.

Are we inherently evil, greedy, and earth destroying beings who Smith referred to as ‘viruses’ in The Matrix movies?  Is it literally beyond our control to stop the insane trajectory we have created for ourselves – an unfolding that seems to constantly destroy and then distract attention away from our actions? 

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I don’t think so.  The way I look at this – and the way all the great teachers I’ve had the opportunity to learn from explain – is that the greatest shifts come from what appears to be the most terrible or hopeless circumstances.

I know this sounds optimistic – but WHAT IF the changes so many of us know are required are right around the corner?  What if the acceleration of atrocities and questioned freedom (as they spread around the globe) are necessary realities for more peaceful and sustainable remedies to take hold?

The greatest truth that I’ve ever learned is this:  while we can, and even must, contemplate situations in the world that are ‘outside’ of ourselves – we must very quickly reel this in and focus on what we DO have control over:


This requires us to stop focusing too much attention on things we have no control over, and start putting focus on what we can transform.  And as we do this – and commit ourselves to resolving the real war that’s going on inside each one of us – a new and empowered future can be revealed.

Make no mistake, this is a monumental shift for Men.  Most guys currently don’t want to do this, or don’t know how to ‘work’ on themselves.

But this secret contains the quickest path for fulfilment in life.  Meaning – what if I told you that the greatest future for yourself, one that entails tons of joy, purpose, excitement and freedom, is only possible by letting go of ‘the world’ (for the most part) and focusing 99.9% of your attention on YOU.

Sounds selfish, right?  But it’s very similar to what they tell you on airplanes regarding the airbags that appear when the cabin loses pressure – you must put the airbag on yourself first, even before little children.

Why?  Because you can’t help anyone if you are not well.  You can’t assist others when you are unconscious or completely out of it.

And you will never experience the kind of the impact you inherently know is possible until you stop, breathe, and put the attention where you need it most – internally.

It is time for men in this world to become real men – and this means to stop focusing on external achievements and concerns and do the actual work to evolve your Manhood from the inside out.  

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You must find your happiness first.  You must locate your purpose – and your meaning – now.  The alternative is to remain average, normal, small and relegated to a life of mediocreness.

This may sound ‘woo-woo’ but it’s the only way that we can change things on a larger level. AND it’s your only true pathway to a fulfilling, successful and creative life.

And this ‘process’ is already underway.  Millions of millions of men have had enough of the ridiculous anxiety that comes with the territory of being alive today.  ‘There has got to be a better way’ is the internal battle cry whose time has come.

There are better ways.  Technology affords us the ability to connect more meaningfully, and we can now use this technology to create better lives for ourselves when we are ready to do this.

How do you change the world?  You change yourself. In doing this your very perceptions shift, and you unleash The Man you were meant to become.  And this man – now powerful, authentic and free – has the ability to contribute more positively, and effectively, to the larger story.

Our entire Man For Man business is based on helping men up-level themselves from the inside out.

We do this through timeless, potent training methods.

We do this via a community of conscious, committed men..  

It is imperative that you be seen, and heard, by other men.  The nature of present culture has created the disease of isolation among us.  You must actively combat this, and you must submit to brotherhood, and seek powerful assistance.

This is the way forward….

If this calls to you, watch our main video and then make an appointment to speak with us straight away.

AHO brothers…..

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