Unleashing The

Bend Your Reality & Achieve ANY Goal

The Challenge:

You are busy, overwhelmed, under-inspired, and lacking the focus & discipline that represents your best self. On the inside you have big dreams about your life – visions about all the great successes, adventures, health and freedom that is possible if you could only ‘get it together’.

You’ve tried many things to help get you there – and you’ve had some successes along the way.

But the big, sustainable ‘best version’ of yourself – the man who sets the world on fire in only the way YOU can – continues to elude you. Two steps forward and then two steps backwards seems to sum up your experience.

You are frustrated about this, and deep down you harbor fears that you’ll never actually get there…and that you’ll be relegated to a life of mediocrity.

The F-That Solution:

‘Unleashing The Magician’ is a group training experience where you’ll learn the practice of ‘reality bending’ while accomplishing a significant goal in your life or business. Consider a YES if you are feeling one of three ways:

  1. You have a specific goal you want to accomplish – and you want to get there faster
  2. You don’t have a specific goal, but you’re feeling inspired and ready for some greatness
  3. You are feeling generally apathetic, bored, anxious – and you need a swift kick in the butt!

Unleashing The Magician is designed for men who want change now, who need change now. If these words resonate with you – and are stirring a bit of excitement within – and you want to learn how to bend your reality to create a series of desired circumstances, continue reading this page then book a 1-1 appointment with me to begin:

Brothers, my name is Todd Jason and for those of you who don’t know me I’ve been working in this world of personal development and growth for over 20 years. It’s been my honor to work with some of the biggest teachers on the Planet (Ken Wilber, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle to name a few) but it’s the work we do with MEN that inspires me the most.

Over the last year thousands of brothers have experienced the power and RESULTS Unleashing The Magician generates, and I invite you to book a 1-1 appointment with yours truly so we can discuss if this experience is right for you:


What You Can Expect:

Bending one’s reality towards desired outcomes takes energy, focus and intention. We will guide you through a specific process enabling you to achieve a very specific goal, and you’ll experience:

→ A dramatic increase in clarity. Your mind will become laser-focused and this will quantifiably improve ‘other’ areas of your life

→ Skyrocketing energy levels. A big part to this program is focus on physical vitality, breathing, stretching, filling the body with an immense amount of vibrancy

→ Waves of creativity and inspiration you forgot existed. People in your life will ask ‘what are you doing…and can I have some’.

Here’s What Other Men Say:

Let's DO This:

I ask you – do you want the RESULTS? Do you want the experiences in life that always seem ‘just out of reach’ to become your normal way of living?

I ask you – are you TIRED of feeling as if the best of you is not in play? And are you ready to finally be the success story you so dearly want to be?

Join us for this unique exploration into dream building, into instant manifestation, into mindful reality bending. Click here to schedule a 1-1 appointment to start the process: