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Dear Friends,

For almost 20 years I’ve been designing and implementing profitable online programs for some of the biggest names in the growth and development fields.

People like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Ken Wilber have benefitted from my knowledge of lead generation and student onboarding.

When Facebook came around – and more specifically when Facebook ads began to pop –  the entirety of the game changed.  And the people / groups who’ve learned how to generate great ROI from Facebook ads have become the most ‘successful’ out there.

While many of us believe it should be awesome content and a clear willingness to serve others that should equate to success – business and revenue generation often works by different rules.

For these reasons I spent about 6 months of my life recording everything I know about marketing, lead generation and business structuring into an online program I call Marketing Freedom that is ridiculously comprehensive.  While many people have taken this course (and are taking it right now) one of the biggest requests I get it:  

“Can I just get access to your Facebook training without everything else?”

At first I said ‘No’ because understanding how FB ads work alone doesn’t necessarily equate to massive success.  BUT I’ve had so many people ask me for this particular training that I wanted to get it out there for those of you who want to know how to do this.

While the entire 8-week Marketing Freedom curriculum costs $5,500, I’m providing access to Week # 5 – our Facebook Ad training – for a super low price of $290.

There are 7 videos and about 3 hours of straightforward deep dive training that anyone who has a computer and willingness to learn ad campaigns can take and benefit.

I traverse these waters step-by-step and get really detailed on how to generate effective campaigns including how to track them (I can’t stress how important this part is)!  You’ll come out the other side feeling like you can 100% rock amazing Facebook ads that actually generate a healthy return and ROI!

I’m providing a short description of each video below, and you can purchase this series of videos and worksheets by clicking the button on the right or at the bottom of this page.  A few quick disclaimers:

  • Because this these videos represent the 5th session of a larger 8 part Marketing Freedom program, you’ll hear me reference other parts of the program.  The Facebook training is 100% complete as a standalone series and these references are not relevant to its effectiveness.


  • For the same reasons, the nomenclature and ‘numbering’ of the videos won’t match up to the notion of 1-7 as we are presenting here.  But again, this does not affect the content in any way.


  • I’m only offering this for a short time, so even if you are not doing FB ads at the moment I suggest you get permanent access to it now.


  • Although I’m presenting these videos on our Man For Man site, this particular course is intended for everyone.  It is housed here simply because this site is set up to host courses like this in a truly seamless way.

Enjoy the training!  As you’ll see it might be the most comprehensive training for FB ads – specifically designed for people in the growth and development space – you’ll ever find.

-Todd Jason

Video #1 - Planning & Forecasting:

FB ads alone don’t equate to huge ROI’s.  You must understand the totality of the process first, and then make a solid game plan with accurate forecasting.  In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to ‘see through’ the biggest myth about Facebook ads

  • The true ‘secret sauce’ of FB ads – and how this can work for you

  • How to reverse engineer your revenue forecasts

  • How to reverse engineer your FB ads to get you great ROI

This first video spends some time reviewing the totality of the business structure put forth in the larger Marketing Freedom program.  This is necessary and intentional because once you understand ‘where’ FB ads sit within your business, you’ll be free to effectively apply them to increase your sales and profits..

You’ll also gain access to the incredibly valuable Revenue & ROI Tracking sheet in this first session – something that can be a game changer for you even outside of running FB ads!

Video #2 - Amplifying Profits:

Forecasting ROI and profits from FB ads can seem daunting at first (as I detail in video #1), but as I demonstrate the fine line between small success and massive success you will learn how you can tweak your business for much higher profits.  In this video you’ll learn:

  • The true importance of every step in the ‘funnel’ 

  • Why small steps and decisions can matter a great deal 

  • What the highest possible upside for you is (this is where it gets fun)

Most people are just a few small tweaks away from doubling or tripling their revenues, and we’ll discuss this here.  You’ll also be guided to start making some personal forecasts…

Video #3 - Choosing Audience Interests:

Now we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get into the physical details.  Choosing audience interests is a science, and in this video you’ll learn:

  • How to use amazing tools within FB to find audiences who will love your work

  • How to target these people, and begin learning more about who really benefits from what you do

  • How to identify the most prime audiences for an ‘initial launch’ that you’ll soon get to!

Choosing audience interests and understanding how the Facebook algorithm actually works is essential.  Most people target ads way too specifically, disempowering FB’s awesome technology to work for you.  I’m going togonna show you how to cast a wide net in this session.

Video #4 - Ad Copy & Images:

The great news about running effective FB ad campaigns is that it’s not brain surgery.  There are only a few variables / buckets of work for you to deliver on in order to be successful.  In this video we’ll cover in great detail:

  • How to write highly effective ad copy.  You’ll be given 3 primary templates you can use to create your own ads – templates that have been proven to work.
  • How to choose amazing ad images that ‘shock and relax’ your niche audience (and where to get these images)
You’ll be given worksheets to track your copy and images, and by the end of this session you’ll have a finite number of complete ads that are ready to launch the moment YOU are ready!

Video #5 - Pixels and FB Ads Manager:

The reason why FB ads can be such a game changer is that everything is trackable.  And it all starts with your FB ad pixel and your FB Ads Manager. In this video you’ll:

  • Receive a clear tutorial on how to set up your pixel(s) 

  • Receive a nice guide to FB’s back end – the Ads Manager 

  • Understand how this whole system can work for you, and you’ll be given your first ROI template

You don’t need to be a technical guru to launch an effective FB ad campaign.  You just need to know the basics, and this is what you get in this session.

Video #6 - Qwaya & Going Live:

Qwaya is a 3rd party software that launches the most amazing ads on Facebook.  The reason I recommend Qwaya is that is empowers you to test hundreds of different iterations (images, copy, audiences) in the simplest way.  This is a true superpower, and in this video you’ll:

  • Set up all your ads on Qwaya

  • Set up an amazing tracking system for your ads (this will serve you for years)

  • Begin testing and get your first ad ‘approvals’ from Facebook (and learn what to do with any disapprovals)

  • Be 100% read to go LIVE and push your first campaigns

At this point you’ll be more equipped than ever before the run a campaign on Facebook – feeling secure that you are running awesome ads AND that you’ll be able to see ROI metrics right from day #1.

Video #7 - Tracking & Optimizing:

While doing all the work to 1) understand the system and 2) set up proper campaigns is great – it’s the ability to track and optimize ad campaigns that reflects the difference between decent profits and huge ones.  In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to judge the effectiveness of your first campaigns
  • How to optimize the campaigns in the first week, month and six months
  • How to track ROI in all facets of your business (we found that tracking FB ads from clicks → conversions provides an MBA-level experience regarding all business tracking)

As you begin filling out the tracking sheet you’ve been provided in this course you really begin to learn tremendous things about your business!

I know this training can assist a great many of you 🙂  I’ve found understanding FB ads as a valuable microcosm to understanding ‘the macro’ of my businesses in general….and I hope you feel the same!

Talk to you soon,

What People Are Saying About the Program:

“Everything Todd says makes me more money. The recommendations are so simple and clear and its just in the way he says things”

Jennifer Grace

- Jennifer Grace Coaching

“I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me and my business. I would not be even close where I am today if it wasn’t for your guidance”

Abe Heisler

-Heisler Coaching


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$1,599 normal price